Welcome to M & J Carpet Cleaning

We pride ourselves on offering a wide range of Steam Cleaning Services with the very best of products.

The machines and chemicals we use are also environmentally friendly and pet safe.

This ensures your properties carpets are odour and mite free.

You can also have piece of mind with a quick, clean, safe and hygienic service.

Professional Equipment

The steam cleaning machine we use is the ‘Ashby Enforcer’.

Our machines are one of the few on the market that continue to heat the water as we are using it.

The extraction of the dirt in your carpet is more efficient as there is a constant temperature of pressured steam, blasted into the carpet.

Further more…

The steam applied is immediately sucked up by two vacuums giving the dirt in your carpet no time to settle.

We provide a clean finish within only a few hours.

The Carpet drying time will vary depending on the thickness of the pile and the material it is made of.

How many carpets have you had cleaned previously and they are still wet the next day?

With our system there will be no more of that!

Your house will no longer be upside down and in a mess, as after a short time you can put all your things back in place as if nothing has happened.

Your carpets will be gleaming and like new!

We guarantee to remove 98% of all stains and will always do our best to achieve a high standard of cleaning leaving you happy and satisfied with our services.

We use the Ashby Enforcer machine on most items we clean as we find it to be very effective in maintaining a high cleaning standard.

We use a variety of chemicals all ozone friendly for each different item we clean, we also Scott-guard when asked and we also deodorize if requested, which will remove any unpleasant odours such as Pet-Odour.

We are happy to advise you the best ways in how to maintain your carpets.
For example what to use and what not to use.

Feel free to contact us for advise with no obligation!